Estimating economic value of a life

An interesting, if somewhat cold-hearted, look at economics vs epidemiology: Globe and Mail.

In this example, they don’t mention adjusting for age of death, which is obviously going to be a factor in the economic “cost” of each death (aside from the obvious human costs, which I trust don’t need to be spelled out).

Bayes’ Theorem for people who don’t remember much high school math

Yesterday, I posted a link to a great discussion about COVID-19 testing, and the various types of tests that do or will exist, and their strengths/weaknesses.

It can strike many people as strange that doctors’ tests aren’t 100% accurate. (It even surprises some doctors!) No test is perfect.

But, not only are tests not perfect, but even a test that sounds like its very accurate can be misleading if used under the wrong conditions.

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