Hydroxychloroquine doc has some….”interesting”….ideas

I’ve seen complaints that a recent hydroxychloroquine video has been blocked from Facebook.

I don’t think Facebook is always fair in how it censors information.

In this case, though, they have cause.

The medical information is bogus, as I’ve explained here.

But it gets worse. Way, way worse.

The doctor cited in that video is a little bit…off. There are some ideas that some would characterize as eccentric at best, “looney tunes” at worst.

She is a pediatrician, so I’m not sure where she gets expertise to be treating adults and elderly COVID-19 patients.

Cysts caused by demons?

But, as the Daily Beast reports, she believes a variety of gynecologic problems are caused by people having sex with demons. Yes, you read that right, succubi caused your vulvar cyst, ladies.

Talk to your doctor…..

It gets worse

But that’s not all.

She believes alien DNA is being used in scientific experiments.

She believes reptilians are involved in the US government.

She also believes a vaccine is being developed to stop people from being religious. (I’d say that a far bigger threat to religion is religious people who say stuff that’s so dumb that atheism looks like the only valid choice.)

Daily Beast’s account confirmed by the physician

I don’t usually use the Daily Beast as a source, but the doctor has tweeted their articles and thanked them for quoting her so well, so she agrees it’s right:

“The Daily Beast did a great job summarizing our deliverance ministry and exposing incubus and succubus. Thank you daily beast. If you need deliverance from these spirits. Contact us,” she tweeted.

She is also claiming that God and Jesus will curse Facebook. Now, I fully agree that Facebook could on occasion use some cursin’, but this is not generally how scientific medical research plays out.

But wait, there’s more….here

Don’t hitch your wagon to this star

Trump is still praising her. So is Tucker Carlson of Fox News.

Like so much in 2020, this is now beyond parody.

So no, there are no reptiles conspiring in the US government. Night-time sex with demons does not give you endometriosis or impotence.

And hydroxychloroquine does not, as far as we know, treat COVID-19.