Want to help with COVID-19? We need blood!

Blood products have a limited shelf life. Canadian Blood Services really needs more donations.

We’ve already received new protocols that control our use of things like “O negative” blood (the universal donor) given the new realities.

Look at it this way–the need for blood products is going to be the same as it always is, since other diseases aren’t taking a holiday (though maybe we’ll get less trauma if people are out and about on highways less).

Add to that all the needs of COVID-19. There are a few restrictions, of course:

  • Anyone asked by public health to place themselves under observation or self-quarantine are not allowed to donate for 14 days from the date of their last contact with a case or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • Anyone with a case or suspected case in their household cannot donate for 14 days after the infected person’s recovery.
  • Anyone with a confirmed case of COVID-19 are not allowed to donate for 56 days after full recovery from the infection.

See this link to learn more and help out.