Secularism and the spirit

Secularism, too, has its own “priests” and is jealous over its own “orthodoxy.” Those who choose not to follow Him are sometimes quick to say “Follow me.” They enjoy being a light, and the accompanying recognition and reward are not unpleasant.

–          Neal A. Maxwell, Plain and Precious Things (Deseret Book, 1983), 87.

To mix religion with secularism is an especial treat. The recognition and rewards will be loud and effusive–in some quarters.

The risk is that secularism is a jealous god, and soon pushes out anything living in revealed religion. One is left with a shell or outline: the skeleton of systemic theologies or the specter of the god of the philosophers.

Such things are welcomed, in some quarters, because they are safe and forever tentative. One can control this god and his/her/its doctrines, such as they are. One needn’t be embarrassed by them.

Who wouldn’t rejoice about that?