Claim #7b: The Handbook

  • Rollo complains that on issues of temple worthiness I do not quote the Handbook 3.3.3, which says that leaders may not add additional requirements. I do cite this entry. I do not quote any of the first volume of the Handbook because the Church has requested that we not do so. I included the first entry, though, so those who were interested could see all relevant material, as Rollo did. I’m not avoiding quoting 3.3.3, I simply won’t quote any because of Church policy. I am not singling out 3.3.3.
  • Rollo has not read all of the second section I cite, 3.3.4. He says that it only allows for close questioning of those with past sins. He is mistaken. Those who come from a background which might incline them to accept false ideas are specifically mentioned. See the last paragraph.
  • Rollo caught another errata, in that I cited 7.7.1; this should be 7.1.1. My apologies. Here again, it is clearly stated that leaders must be certain that Church members understand the questions that are being asked (which is quite different from “adding” requirements). Making sure that Church members understand that a testimony of Jesus’ role as savior and redeemer necessitates a belief in his divinity is not adding a requirement, it is making certain that members understand the question.

Few, I suspect, need such help unless they have been taken in by Dehlin’s sophistry on this point.